Design Control Committee

Design Control Submission Process
The architectural design integrity and quality throughout Meridian is maintained through the implementation of Protective Covenants, which include strict design controls. These Covenants establish standards for planning and design, which are fair to all parties and are intended to assure maintenance of value for all Meridian properties. The Covenants and supporting documents are administered and enforced by a Design Control Committee (“DCC”). Under the Covenants, any proposal to construct, modify, or demolish improvements within Meridian must have plan approval from the DCC prior to commencement. The DCC’s review and approval process also applies to signage, changes in property use, and maintenance activities. The DCC meets on a regular basis to review plan submittals.
The DCC now accepts electronic submittals only. Please click on the below link to access the system. If you do not already have an account, please contact Galina at [email protected] .
Electronic Submittal System
Meridian International Business Center
Protective Covenants Document
Meridian Internation Business Center
Design Criteria Document